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Accurate Fishing

Valiant ®

Valiant ®


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The Valiant is the first of an entirely new generation of reels designed with CVX® technology. Created with a precise, powerful performance in mind, it has proven itself globally in a short period of time. The curved design of the frame and side plate allowed us to design a reel that is incredibly light, but extremely strong. In addition to being the lightest series of reels on the market, the Valiant has an incredible free spool, allowing you to fish the reel all day and focus on fighting the fish, not your tackle.

*Please Note: 300, 400N, 500N, 600NN no longer come with frame studs.

Model Weight(oz) Gear Ratio Braid Capacity Inches Per Crank Max Drag
BV2-300 15.7
6:1/3:1 325yds/30lb 38"/19" 24
BV2-300-SPJ 17
6:1/3:1 325yds/30lb 38"/19" 24
BV2-400 16
6:1/3:1 400yds/50lb 38"/19" 26
BV2-500N 17 6:1/3:1 300yds/50lb 45"/23" 30
BV2-500N-SPJ 18.7
6:1/3:1 300yds/50lb 45"/23" 30
BV2-500 18
6:1/3:1 475yds/50lb 45"/23" 30
BV2-600NN 19 5:1/2.2:1 300yds/65lb 44"/19" 32
BV2-600NN-SPJ 19
5:1/2.2:1 300yds/65lb 44"/19" 32
BV2-600N 19 5:1/2.2:1 400yds/65lb 44"/19" 32
BV2-600N-SPJ 21.6
5:1/2.2:1 400yds/65lb 44"/19" 32
BV2-600 20 5:1/2.2:1 500yds/65lb 44"/19" 32
BV2-800N-SPJ 24 5:1/2.2:1 600yds/80lb 47"/21" 36
BV2-800N 24 5:1/2.2:1 600yds/80lb 47"/21" 36
BV2-800 25 5:1/2.2:1 800yds/80lb 47"/21" 36
BV2-1000 29 5:1/2.2:1 1000yds/100lb 52"/23" 40
BV-300 9.9 6:1 325yds/30lb 38" 24
With Clicker
9.9 6:1 325yds/30lb 38" 24
BV-300-SPJ 12.5
6:1 325yds/30lb 38" 24
BV-400 14 6:1 400yds/50lb 38" 26
BV-500N 15 6:1 300yds/50lb 45" 30
BV-500N-SPJ 16.8 6:1 300yds/50lb 45" 30
BV-500 16 6:1 475yds/50lb 45" 30
BV-600NN 18 6:1 300yds/65lb 53" 32
BV-600NN-SPJ 18
6:1 300yds/65lb 53" 32
BV-600N 18 6:1 400yds/65lb 53" 32
BV-600N-SPJ 20.6
6:1 400yds/65lb 53" 32
BV-600 18 6:1 500yds/65lb 53" 32
BVL-600S 19 7:1 650yds/20lb (mono) 62" 20
BVL-600SW 20 7:1 750yds/20lb (mono) 62" 20


Please note before ordering: The following models are built to order and can take up to 4-6 weeks before shipping.  BV2-400L, BV2-500L, BV2-500NL, BV2-600L, BV2-600NL, BV2-600NNL, BV2-800L, BV2-800NL, BV2-1000L, BV-400L, BV-500L, BV-500NL, BV-600L, BV-600NL, BV-600NNL

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  • Superior Lightweight Design
  • Six Class 5 ABEC stainless steel bearings
  • Patented TwinDrag® Feature
  • CVX® Technology
  • Stainless Steel ARB
  • 17-4 Heat Treated Stainless Steel Gears and Shaft
  • Larger, Stronger Gear Shaft for increased torque
  • Sleeved Spool for increased Castability
  • Patented DirecShift 2-speed mechanism for instant engagement (2-Speed Models)
  • 2 Year Free Service Program
  • Proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in America

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Note: N=Narrow, NN=Extra Narrow in model numbers

Accurate Valiant

Valiant is where Lightweight and Power meet to create the ultimate reel. The Valiant was designed as one of the lightest yet strongest reels on the market with an incredibly smooth TwinDrag®. Available in 2-Speed, Single-Speed, Slow Pitch Jigging, and Light Line models, it is tested tried and true to the Small Reel Big Fish mantra.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Dennis Groat
Slow Pitch Jigging - Add it to your fishing arsenal!

The Accurate Valiant 600NN SP is an ideal reel for many types of west coast jig fishing. I have used it for both daytime and night jigging for Bluefin with great success. The slow pitch handle feels super comfortable when grinding these fish in, and the tall narrow spool stacks line almost by itself when retrieving jigs and when fighting a fish. The twin drag is strong and super smooth.

You don't have to have any special technique for night jig fishing, just drop a medium sized knife jig to depth, work the zone, and hang on! When you are hooked up, the slow pitch rod isn't designed for fighting the fish, but rather for giving the jig a specific action. Use low gear, point your slow pitch rod almost directly at the fish, and grind it in.

I have used both 50 pound and 60 pound braid on this reel, and prefer the 60 pound for the bigger fish. The picture below shows a 90 pound Bluefin tuna that I caught on the 600NN on my last trip using 60 pound depth colored braid and a 200 gram slow pitch torpedo jig. The reel worked flawlessly on this and two other Bluefin tuna that night. With slow pitch equipment, the reel has to do most of the work when fighting fish, and the twin drag Valiant 600NN SP seems more than up to this task. Thanks Accurate!

Daniel Menniti

I’ve been using accurate reels since 2017 when one of my fishing buddies introduced me to the brand , he let me use his rod which I believe was a setup with the old fury model and I felt in love instantly since then. Now basically all I use is accurate, I recently bought the VALIANT 500N 2 speed and let me tell you this is a winch that thing can pull anything with less work and minimum effort. the materials they used on this reel I could say is the best on the market , the retrieve is amazing even on the 1 speed , the paint is A+ and the ergonomic design of the handle makes it super comfortable to crank. The narrow design is lighter but you’ll still have a good amount on light capacity.
You can’t go wrong with this reel specially for slow pitch jigging this is my go to!

Ricky Nguyen

I think accurate valiant 400 spool is more narrow. braid capacity about 400/PE 4. It’s nice and OK


Picked it up at your parking lot sale where also got a Custom Dauntless 600 for a great deal. Plan on using the BV2-300-SPJ on upcoming Tony Reyes Baja trip, SPJing for bigger Yellowtail, Cabrilla, and Grouper. Got plenty of line for our deep local San Diego Rockfish, and the fast retrieve is great when fishing deep. Should be awesome for upcoming Bluefin Tuna season.

Christian Sapida
Love it 👌🏽


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