Twin Drag

Our Patented Twin Drag Technology utilizes Carbon Fiber Drag washers and Stainless steel Friction washers on both sides of the spool to creates the strongest smoothest drag possible.


Direct Shift

There is no need for the handle to rock backwards or to relieve pressure while shifting with Direc Shift. The Low Gear is always engaged and meshes with the high gear to drive whichever speed you are after.



A New concept in machining derived from an experiment that allows us to remove 25% of the material but keep the strength anglers demand and that we are known for. The external and internal arcing of the material with internal rib support. Light can be powerful.



The first of its kind for Accurate and the only star drag reel that doesn’t lack in the drag department. Carbon fiber and Stainless-steel drag disks on both sides of the main gear create the ultimate star drag experience.