Basic Reel Maintainance

We get a lot of people asking us about how to maintain and keep their Accurate fishing reels working their best in between trips. Ben Secrest breaks it down for you using just a few easy steps. Watch the video or follow these steps below and your investment will always be ready to FISH HARD.

  • step 1

    Lightly rinse your rod and reel off.  Make sure that your drag is fully engaged to eliminate any water from getting inside.

  • step 2

    Using a cloth towel, remove any excess water from the exterior of your reel.

  • step 3

    Rotate the handle to further help remove any water that might still be built up in your reel.

  • step 4

    Tap the butt of your rod on a hard surface.  This will assure that there is no water trapped inside of your reel.

  • step 5

    Completely let your reel dry.  We usually will do this overnight or for 24-hours.

  • step 6

    Back off your drag, while preventing the spool from spinning rotate the handle multiple times.  This will make sure that there is no build-up within the reel and that your bearings are free.

  • step 7

    Actuate the 2-speed mechanism and add a drop of oil to it and the neural knob.