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Accurate Fishing

ATD Platinum ®

ATD Platinum ®


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Reel Handle Position

The ATD Platinum TwinDrag® is the Flagship series of the Accurate line. Designed with Accurate’s patented TwinDrag® feature to deliver smooth, powerful drags, the larger ATD models put out in excess of 100 pounds of drag for targeting giant fish. These reels have been internally designed to handle high drag loads by applying an even amount of pressure on both sides of the reel with two synced dogs to provide the ultimate stopping power. The ATD offers a smooth, even drag that is consistent through the fight with little to no start-up inertia, alleviating the possibility of high drag spikes when the line comes off the reel. If you are looking to harness the ultimate stopping power for big game fishing, the ATD is the finest reel on the market of its kind.

Model Weight(oz) Reel Diameter
Reel Width
Spool Width
Gear Ratio Line Capacity (Yds) Braid Size (Lbs) Inches Per Crank Max Drag
ATD-12T 42 3.24 5.44 2.63 5.1:1/2.31:1 500 80 42"/19" 30+
ATD-12TS 42 3.24 5.44 2.63 4.1:1/1.71:1 500 80 34"/14" 30+
ATD-30T 47 3.58 5.63 2.77 4.1:1/1.71:1 675 100 37"/16" 40+
ATD-30 47 3.58 5.63 2.77 4.1:1/1.71:1 675 100 37"/16" 40+
ATD-50T 58 4.05 5.75 2.94 3.31:1/1.21:1 600 135 36"/13" 50+
ATD-50 58 4.05 5.75 2.94 3.31:1/1.21:1 600 135 36"/13" 50+
ATD-50H 58 4.05 5.75 2.94 4.4:1/1.2:1 600 135 48"/13" 50+
ATD-50W 60 4.05 6.5 3.84 3.31:1/1.21:1 775 135 36"/13" 50+
ATD-50HW 60 4.05 6.5 3.84 4.4:1/1.2:1 775 135 36"/13" 50+
ATD-80 135 5.44 7.38 3.68 2.21:1/1.01:1 800 200 33"/15" 80+
ATD-80W 147 5.44 8.25 4.63 2.21:1/1.01:1 1100 200 33"/15" 80+
ATD-130 192 6.45 7.88 4.26 2.21:1/1.01:1 2000 200 39"/18" 80+

 Braid capacity is measured using Izorline natural white.

Please note before ordering: The following models are built to order and can take up to 4-6 weeks before shipping.  ATD-130L, ATD-30L, ATD-50L, ATD-50WL, ATD-80WL, ATD-50TL, ATD-30TL

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  • Patented TwinDrag™ System
  • Seven Class 5 ABEC stainless steel bearings
  • Greased AccuDrag system
  • Stainless steel gears
  • Two Stainless Steel Anti Reverse Dogs for Ultimate Stopping Power
  • Two year AccuCare Reel Service
  • Heat treated pinion gears
  • Larger, stronger gear shaft for increased torque
  • Patented DirecShift mechanism
  • Proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA

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US Patents 6,805,313 │ 6,505,787

Note: T=Topless, W=Wide in model numbers

Tame The Beast

The ATD reel series is the cornerstone of Accurate fishing products, the first TwinDrag® reel design in the world. They were developed with the San Diego Long Range fleet in mind, to meet the needs of fishermen in the most demanding conditions. Proven through years of fishing big Yellowfin tuna, Giant Bluefin tuna, and the largest Billfish, these reels have become staple components of Big game anglers Worldwide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Keith Poe Sharktagger 3105626205

Consistently catch tag and releasing the biggest baddest predator fish on the planet with the baddest reels on the planet ATD 80W 🦈💪🇺🇸

J. Green
ATD Platinum Twin Drag Reels

I was doubtful of these reels when they were first introduced. I fished an ATD 50W for the first time on one of the San Diego Longrange trips that had 50 plus of this product line aboard for anyone to try out. I borrowed one, and quickly got hooked up to a 170# Yellowfin Tuna. To my complete surprise, I handled this fish far easier than with my own personal gear (from another well known manufacturer). What truly amazed me was when the Captain walked over and advised me to but the reel in low-gear. I honestly thought that it was already in that position!!!
Pushing that button into low gear was simply mind boggling. The power and ease on the retrieve was unbelievable. From that trip - now many years ago, I’ve fished nothing but Accurates. Spend your money once in this game, fish Accurate.

Thomas Hurt
ATD 30

This reel is awesome. Mega stopping power light weight for such a big reel, and very smooth.

Jason Butler

Landed a Pacific Bluefin hooked with a flat-fall, 160 lbs, in under ten minutes with this reel. Great ergonomics. Unbelievable power. I "need" a couple more of these reels... Love that ATD 50w.
Love the ATD 30T and the 12T too.

Terry McLean
ATD-30T vs Gulf Grouper

Had my ATD-30T ready for the big blue fin this year and turns out that setup is perfect for large gulf grouper as well. Very easy to control the reel as the line goes out and especially when you are tugging the big fish in. Very smooth! You don't have to look at the reel as you wind it in as it is very much a part of your feel when you reel big fish in. Lot's of drag and cranking power and thank God it is easy to switch out of high and lows gears for these long duration fights. I will definitely be getting another one (or two) for my upcoming long range trips over the next couple of years. The grouper in the picture was only 111lbs (ha) but pulling these things out of rocks is really a tug of war!

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