Rick Jensen Charter, Liberty, Nov 3-5, 2019

Rick Jensen Charter, Liberty, Nov 3-5, 2019

I was very fortunate to meet a great group of guys (assembled by Rick Jensen of SportfishingFinancial) for a 2-day charter trip on the Liberty out of Fisherman’s Landing.  Taro Takeuchi is the owner/operator and he went the extra mile to get us bluefin and yellowfin tuna as evidenced by the fact that we did not return at the scheduled 5 pm but got back around 10 pm so we could land over 60 tuna on day 2.  We had over 35 tuna on day 1.  Accurate provided TERN and Valiant demo outfits on Valiant rods for all the passengers to try out.  The largest tuna of the trip was caught on a 500 Valiant demo.  Check out the photo trip report below.

Thanks to Rick Jensen for setting up this charter and thanks to Jack Nilsen for providing the Accurate gear.  Izorline got a pretty good test of some new 40# fluorocarbon that they are evaluating.  The passengers were also very impressed at how light and castable the Valiant reels and rods are.   Thanks to Taro and crew of the Liberty for going the extra mile to make for a great trip.

Great fishing, great group of guys, great trip.


Here is our host Rick Jensen. Thank you for arranging a great 2-day charter bluefin/yellowfin trip on the Liberty
Jack Swerlein was using a demo outfit (500 Valiant reel with 40# experimental Izorline fluoro on a 76MH Valiant rod). It looks like he is pulling on something big.
Liberty captain Taro and crew with angler Jack Swerlein and Accurate demo reel (center).  Jack Nilsen likes rail shots.
And here is the Accurate sales pitch photo (500 Valiant reel and 76MH Valiant rod).  Congratulations to Jack with this 100+ lb BFT, 1st place JP fish.
Dave is focusing on something big
Nice BFT. Just under 100# and 2nd place JP
Typical action being performed by Mike
More action, nice bend by another Mike.
Typical result
Hi Curt, is this the 3rd place fish?
The winners: Jack first place (won a Valiant 500 2-sp), Dave 2nd place (won a 800MH Valiant rod), Curt 3rd place (won a Accurate sweatshirt), and our host Rick.
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