Epic Kayak Fishing at Los Buzos Panama

Epic Kayak Fishing at Los Buzos Panama

Cubera snapper, black marlin, and monster roosterfish are some of the gnarliest fish in the ocean. There is no sport fisherman on earth that doesn’t have one or all of these fish on their bucket list. At Los Buzos, these are our specialty! After close to 100 roosterfish, many pushing 80 pounds, dozens of massive cubera snapper and the largest black marlin ever landed from a kayak, we have to say we love our gear. To give our clients the best experience possible we have to give them the best gear we can get our hands on. All of our rental gear setups include a BOSS FURY 600. We spool them with either 60 or 80 pound mono top-shot on 300yds of 65 pound braid backing. This is because our fishery is loaded with monsters.

The mountainous coastline riddled with caves and rocky outcroppings near ledges dropping over 100ft make it a cubera snapper’s playground. These fish are tanks and will stop at nothing to get to their home and crush an angler’s dreams after being hooked. Strong and reliable drag is a must when targeting these beasts and before we gave our clients Accurate reels, our hook/catch ratio was around 50/1. Now we can honestly say we are closer to 2/1. After our first year we had only landed around 5. In our most recent year we are closing in on 100 with an average size of 40 pounds. We have broken many rods on these fish but never have we had a reel fail. Our set-up also enables our guests to have the line capacity to land the always possible 150 pound yellowfin tuna and the highly sought after black marlin. There is no better spot to test the limits of kayak fishing than right in our backyard. 

One of the biggest draws for anglers to come visit us has to be the epic roosterfish sleigh ride. This is some of the most exhilarating fishing a person can do. Our average rooster is about 40 pounds and we catch generally around 10 a week. Once one of our guides hands off a fresh caught blue runner to an angler, it’s all smiles because everybody knows what is about to go down. Once hooked up to these monsters the fun begins. The Fury’s have very substantial drag that we know will never bind or seize up. This makes it very fun to crank down tight and get towed at maximum speed, with also the ability to make minor adjustments easily without worry of going into free-spool or too much drag too fast. 

These fish have towed our guests hundreds of yards sometimes up to 10mph, even faster than a kayak can be paddled. It is certainly a wild ride. However not quite as wild as the 450lb black marlin we leadered back in August! I held on for four and a half hours and was towed close to 10 miles before bringing the animal to my kayak and successfully getting the leader touch. The BV2-1000 was the weapon of choice for the marlin and it was actually my first time fishing with it. The extreme light weight of the reel paired with the massive line capacity and stopping power makes it the perfect reel for big game kayak fishing. Holding a rod for that long, with a fish that big and with no fighting belt means weight and comfort play a big role and were both key to my success. 

Being in a kayak constantly, our reels spend their lives just inches from the water which means they get soaked every day. They have gotten dunked in saltwater countless times, rolled around in the sand and surf, and are stored in an un-air-conditioned shed only a stones throw from the beach. They have only required minor cleaning and are extremely easy to take apart, which is very important to us as we are in the middle of nowhere, and the closest real tackle/repair shop is more than 5 hours away.

As we are such a young operation with already so many amazing catches under our belt (most recently an IGFA All-Tackle World Record snapper on the Tern 300 and Valiant rod) we are very excited to see what the future brings us and to keep using our Accurate reels for many years to come.

Tight lines!

Adam Fisk

Manager – Los Buzos Resort / Accurate Prostaff

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