American Angler Accurate 5-Day (July 21 – 26, 2020)

American Angler Accurate 5-Day (July 21 – 26, 2020)

We had a very successful annual 5-day Accurate sponsored trip on the American Angler.  Thanks to Capt. Ray Lopez and the American Angler crew for “glassing” and putting us on some really nice bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna and yellowtail.  We loaded the boat around 10 am, left the bait receiver around 12:30 and was fishing at 3:30 pm (20 bft, 30 yft on the departure day).  We did this for 4 more days.  The last two days we were targeting the bigger models deploying the kite with rigged flyers on breezers.  We also made a short run for some yellowtail one day.   I am posting trip photos to show everyone what fun we had.

Thank you to Accurate Reels, Calstar Rods, Izorline, Salas Lures, Island Tackle Shop, Tac Glue, and Sportmans Seafood for supporting this trip and providing demo rod and reels, spectra, mono and fluorcarbon, hats, shirts, jigs, connection glue and fish processing to make this trip even more successful.  Thank you to Capt. Ray & Crew and also thank you to Lori in the American Angler office putting this all together.

Hope to see everyone again next year,

Gary Teraoka


Congratulations to the boat jackpot winners: 1st place Gary Bechtel 152.5# bft; 2nd place Larry Martin 135# bft; 3rd place Maurice Exner 79.5# bft


Jim Kale checking out one of the demo outfits: Accurate 400 TERN reel on a Valiant 80 ML rod


Brad Newton came all the way from Hawaii to fish with us again. Tell Taj and Robin we missed them on this years trip.


Dave Christensen, nice shirt. Did you win that last year?


Larry Martin was always hooked up


Accurate 300 Valiant with a Calstar 800 XLH. This rod is amazing. Soft tip with an exceptionally strong bottom half.


Rick Sikes with bent rod on the bow.


Ben Drennon using one of the Calstar demo rods.


Michael Kuroda is bit on the bow but looks like he is looking for someone.


Michael found her, his better half Meghan.


Maurice Exner won the first daily prizes, a Calstar rod.


Gary Bechtel with his JP winning 152.5# bft. Gary won the 2nd daily prize Izorline package of spectra, fluorocarbon and XXX mono.


Group Photo: Becky Sikes modeling the Accurate tshirt, with support from Gary B. Dave C. and Ben D.


Allan Okita got what he came for. A personal best 134# bft.


Brian Geyer from “Team Coors” with a good one in his left hand and a 135# bft in the other hand.  This bft won Brian the 3rd daily prize of a Accurate Piranha Pliers/Sheath/Lanyard.


Congratulations to Albert Leclair for winning the 4th daily prize of a 2-sp Valiant reel. Sorry I did not get a photo of the fish.


Another view of Gary Bechtel’s 152.5# bft. This was the largest fish of the trip and won Gary the Accurate Trophy.


Congratulations Gary B. , winner of the Accurate trophy for the biggest fish of the trip.


I was lucky enough to get a bite on a sinker rig by this 138# bft. Thank you everyone. I hope you had a great trip and hope to see all of you back next year. Gary Teraoka


Daily Prize information.


Who was on the trip, their tag number, and how many beers they had.
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