Accurate Searcher Trip July 2021

Accurate Searcher Trip July 2021

On July 19th, 2021, 27 anglers set out on a quest for Bluefin Tuna. Based on the fish on the docks and coming off of the boats on that Sunday morning, everyone was filled with hope that we would duplicate the the results of those arriving.

Captain Mike piloted the Searcher away from the dock at Fisherman’s landing around 10:00 AM and the usual hustle and bustle of gear preparation was underway.

Over the ensuing days we encountered school after school of Bluefin who proved uninterested in what we had to offer. Fortunately we found some Kelp paddies that had some willing Yellowtail and we put several on the boat.

Eventually we found Bluefin who wanted to play at night and as a result our trip was successful. We landed several fish over 100 pounds on an assortment of flat falls and knife jigs. The biggest fish landed by Teresa Reynoso (183#), she was awarded an Accurate reel for her efforts.

The second largest fish at (171#) was landed by Jack Bair who received an Accurate Valiant series rod.

I would like to express a heartfelt thank you to all who joined us. We had a great group of people. The Searcher is an outstanding boat with an outstanding crew. A special thanks to Mike and Christine in the galley. The food was outstanding and we were well cared for. The fresh Yellowtail Sashimi was amazing.

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