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Accurate January 2022 American Angler 14-Day Trip Report

Accurate January 2022 American Angler 14-Day Trip Report

We all look forward to going on this trip because of the fun we have fishing and playing 31 (card game) with all the regulars and welcoming new comers.  Brian and the American Angler crew took us to the big fish grounds and made sure we all had a great time.  I will just let the photos show you how much fun we had.

I would also like to thank the following companies for contributing to our fun:

Thanks to all,



Congratulations Jackpot Winners: 1st, Joe Koep 248# yft; 2nd, Galen Steward 188# yft; 3rd, Chris Burbach 176# yft;


Russ, why are you smiling so much?


Must be because you had the biggest fish on day 1 and won the Izorline prize package for the Daily Prize #1


Minnesota Joe looks serious about turning the handle.


Joe caught “the one” he was looking for (248# yft)


Joe won Daily Prize #2 (Calstar rail rod blank)


Chris won Daily Prize #3, Accurate Valiant reel



Alan’s big fish on the 4th day fishing.


Alan with Accurate Piranha plier set for the 4th Daily Prize.


Tom Mato dealing with the big fish on the 5th day.


Tom won the Daily Prize on day 5. He won a Calstar blank but I did not get a photo so you will just have to believe me that the fish is on the end of his line and he did land it.


On day 6, Matt Salas was the man.


Matt won the Daily Prize on Day 6.  Accurate reel box and a sticker. He eventually found the 500 Valiant somewhere on the boat.


On Day 7, Gary Graham put a big bend in his Calstar rod with Accurate reel.


I made Graham move his hand so I could point to the Accurate Valiant reel.


Gary won a set of custom wrapped cutters and duckbills for Daily Prize #7


Congratulations to all the Daily Prize winners. Here is how we kept score (and tried to eliminate the competition by disqualifying each other)


For the biggest fish of the trip, Minnesota Joe won the Jack Nilsen Accurate Jackpot trophy to display on his desk and tell everyone about it.


Check out this “motley crew” AKA the American Angler crew. Before fishing, they had a 31 game to win crew prizes.


And the winner was Kirk.


Everyone showing off what they won.


Darrell is on, in the stern.


Now he is in the bow


Hey Sr, look this way


Sr, looks like Jake is providing you all the assistance you need in the background


Chase taking a break from feeding us to turn the handle


Hi Ron, having fun?  Nice meeting you on the trip.


Dueling fish between Jr. and Salas


Now we know what Salas hooked and landed


Gary Graham hooked and landed a lot of fish on 800 Valiants


Ron getting an assist from Griffen


Bryce putting a bend in his rail rod


Galen, hows the chunking going?


Joe (from Alaska) getting tips from Capt. Brian, with Salas pulling on something


Jr and Sr fishing together. Wait a minute, Jr is fishing but Sr is spectating (no rod)


Galen, that bend in the rod looks great


Darren looking happy about something


Here is what Darren was smiling about


Alan with a nice wahoo and Matt and Sr wishing they had one


Bryce pulling on the starboard bow


Now Bryce is on the port bow


Now Bryce is back on the starboard bow but this is taking so long he had to change his shirt


Bryce finally landed the tuna.  Looks like it took all day and required a wardrobe change.


Galen working hard (or is it hardly working)


Jr’s mask looks cooler than Alan’s


Ron in trolling jail along with Alaska Jeff and Joe. Mato is lurking on the side to be the first casting jig in the water after the wahoo strike


Alan hard at work


The fruits of Alan’s labor.


Hey Glenn, you up here by yourself?


Nope, Joe came by to keep Glenn company


Party in the bow


Alan with another tuna.


I hooked a wahoo on a Salas 6X


Here is the wahoo and the Salas 6X and a 7:1 Valiant reel. Thanks to Kirk for holding the wahoo.


Great having you on the trip Galen.


Griffen and Kirk


At the end of the trip, the crew got a chance to fish. Griffen with line in the water.


Brad, Jake and Josh (hiding behind Jake, never thought that would be possible) looking for a bite.


Jake and Brad hooked and landed these tuna. It was a requirement to remove your shirt for a crew photo. It was quite a site with the crew fishing and passengers gaffing.


On the way home, the 31 tournament was taking place.


More qualifying for the 31 tournament finals.


The 6 finalist for the 31 tournament (Galen, Chris, Darrell, Alan, Darren and Tom)


The 31 tournament final 6. Tom Mato won for the 2nd time in a row. Thank you to Gary Graham’s wife for making the custom 31 tournament water bottle and to the American Angler for providing a jacket to the winner.


The Champion’s custom t-shirt “trophy” that includes what we really think about these folks.


We had a special crew 31 game for the crew with cash jackpot provided by the passengers. Brad won.


Here is what Brad really though about winning the cash.


We were fishing near the Royal Polaris and the Red Rooster.  Just a nice photo.


Question: Is this sun up or sun set?  Sun up, but it really looks the same either way.


Who was on the trip. Next time I am going to wait till the end of the trip so you can tell who drank the most beers.
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