Accurate 5-Day on the American Angler (July 27-Aug 1, 2021)

Accurate 5-Day on the American Angler (July 27-Aug 1, 2021)

We were able to load and leave a little early on our annual Accurate 5-day Family fishing adventure.   Captain Ray Lopez took us to Guadalupe Island for fantastic yellowfin tuna fishing.  It has been several years since we last fished Guadalupe Island but boy was it worth the wait.  The primary batch of yft were in the 80# to 100# range.  A handful of 100# to 135# yft.  Mixed in were some good size yellowtail (30#-40#).  I will let the following photos and smiling faces show you what it was like.

One thing unique about this trip was that you only needed one fishing outfit for the entire trip.  A 60# outfit.  We found the ideal outfit was a 600N Accurate 2-speed Valiant reel (BV2-600N) filled with 500 yds of 65# Izorline Spectra and a 60# fluoro or mono topshot.  The rod of choice was any rod close to a Calstar 700H or 800H rod.  One of Calstar’s newest rod (7400H) proved to be a passenger favorite.  Especially on the yft closer to 100#.  The 7400H is basically a 700H on steroids.

I want to thank the following companies for making this a successful trips.  Accurate Fishing Products, Calstar Rods, Izorline, Salas Lures, Island Fishing Tackle, Sportsmans Seafood Fish Processing and Lori, Brian, Ray and the entire American Angler Sportfishing team.   Hopefully, most of the passengers can make it back to next years trip and we can continue to build the “family style” fishing trip where we support congratulate each others success.  Please give Lori a call to sign up for next year.

Thank you,

Gary Teraoka


Congratulations Jackpot Winners: 1st place Christopher Paruolo 134.5# yft, 2nd place Albert Leclair 122# yft, 3rd place Jason Jackson 121# yft


Here is a photo of why we do this, “family”  (ohana, Jason and his uncle Wayne and not in this photo was Jason’s cute kids and wife)


Congratulations Rick for winning the Day 1 daily prize of a Accurate plier/sheath/lanyard.


Congratulations Jason for winning Day 2 daily prize of a Calstar rod


Congratulations Chris for winning the Day 3 daily prize of a Accurate 2-speed Valiant 500 reel


Congratulations again to Chris for winning the Accurate trip jackpot trophy for the largest tuna of the trip.


Here is our long time trio of Albert Michael and Brian (oh, Brian didn’t make the trip this year, boy did you miss a good one). Check out the next photo.


Its the Coors Light Pro-Staff Fishing Team (minus Brian).  Nice shirts. Looks very professional but where is the free Coors Light? Oh, they are not sponsored by Coors Light they are just professional Coors Light drinkers. Bummer, no free beer.


Rick Endo having fun fishing with a 600N Valiant and Calstar rod. He was actually using 60# line instead of 20# line.


Gary Cooper (one of 4 Garys on the trip)


Ron making room for Chris to pass behind him.


Now that Chris is no longer cramping his style, Ron is getting down to business.


Mike Uyeki getting down to business on the rail.


Mike, nice yft on a 600N Dauntless


Serious Wayne.


Working hard Wayne.


Happy Wayne.


Darrell, hope you enjoyed the Accurate 5-day trip (fun like the January Accurate 14-day but no time to play 31)


Pull hard Albert, lets see what you have going on. (next photo)


Nice fish, about 100#


Chuck, that is a nice bend on the Calstar rod. What do you have to say about it? (next photo)


I think Chuck is happy.


Nice tuna Gary Bechtel.


Gary Graham putting “the wood” (some call it the rail) to the tuna with one of the demo outfits.


Hey Harry, aren’t you running a little low on line?


Gary Graham hooked up again. He liked the 600N Valiant and Calstar 7400H.


Gary Bechtel with another nice tuna.


Trevor putting the pressure on the tuna (it is nice to be young)


Jason hooked up on a good one.


This is what Jason’s good one looked like.  Thank for changing to your Accurate t-shirt and for including the rod and reel in this photo.


David Christensen having fun


Allan looks like he is having fun


Richard, I was trying to figure out why I had this close up of you. I found out on the next photo.


Richard was excited about this tuna.


Harry using the rail with a Patrick assist.


Harry’s success


Darrell again.


Allan again.


David Hughes having fun


Hi Tim, great fishing with you again.


Rick “getting down”


Gary Coomes putting on the finishing touches with Griffen assist.


Albert, being distracted by me for a photo. Where is the Coors Light?


Harry on the rail and smiling because Jake is pulling on the line.


Harry on the rail but with a more determined looking facial expression (because Jake is not pulling on the line)


Domingo and Bo


Gary Graham railing on a good one.


Sal, nice meeting you and your group. Hope to see all again next year.


Joel, nice meeting you and Trevor on this trip. New crew member Ande trying to not be in the photo.


I made Ande hold my rod so I could take his photo.


Bo, how many feet?


Trevor on a fish and Griffen helping (a lot)


Hi Sam, hows it going?
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