Accurate 14-day American Angler Trip (Jan 12-26, 2019)

Accurate 14-day American Angler Trip (Jan 12-26, 2019)

We had another great time on the Accurate sponsored 14-day trip on the American Angler skippered by Ray Lopez.  We landed several good size tunas but really did well on the wahoo.  Most of the wahoo were in the 40# range.  There was a lot of action with the Albacore style run and gun wahoo fishing.  I would like to tank the following manufactures for supporting this trip.  Accurate Fishing Products (demo ATD and Boss reels), Calstar (demo rail rods), Izorline (spectra and mono), Cals 2-speed (gift certificates), Salas Lures, Island Tackle and Sportsman Seafood (fish processing).

We had several passengers that returned after a year or so of not being on the trip as well as a few passengers from other American Angler trips.  All were immediately welcomed into the Accurate trip family, invited to the participate in the 31-card game and share a beer or two or 3 or more.  We actually ran out of diet coke but had plenty of Coors Light.  Everyone had a great time and I hope to see everyone back again next year.  Congratulations to Alan Monji for catching the largest fish of the trip (240# yft) which won him a Calstar 780 4XH rod the Accurate trophy.  Congratulations to Dennis “Creaky” Grout for winning the 31 tournament and congratulations to newest crewmember Jake for winning the crew 31 tournament.   I will let the trip photos tell you the real story of the trip.
If you want to join us next year, give Lori a call at the American Angler office.
Gary Teraoka
Congratulations to the Jackpot winners: 1st Alan Monji 220# yft, 2nd Tom Mato 170#, 2rd Dennis “Creaky” Groat 165#


Congratulation to Alan Monji for winning the daily prize of a Calstar 780-XXXXH rod with the largest fish of the day.


Congratulations to Matt Salas for winning the Izorline daily prize with the largest fish for the day.



Congratulations to Tom Mato for winning the 2-day prize of a Accurate BV2-600N for the largest fish over a 2-day period.


Congratulations to Jr for winning Accurate Pliers and sweat shirt for the largest fish of the day.
Congratulations to Alan Monji for winning the Accurate trip trophy.


Alan pulling on his JP yft with a Calstar 2XH rod. This tuna won Alan a 780 4XH rod, Accurate trophy and the boat first place JP. Great job Alan.


Alan’s big tuna.


It was nice to see old friends. SR, Salas, Russ, Bob and Mato.


My crew buddy Rocco. I think he is trying to tell me that I need to get him a new sweatshirt.


New friends at the beginning of the trip that are not old friends. Jake, Creaky, Kam, John, Gary


Waking up to sunrise with rain. Beautiful. This is what it looked like right before the morning tuna bite. The tuna were sleeping in, did not bite till 5 or 6 am.


Gary Graham putting the wood to a tuna with Kam looking for a bite.


Me using a 800N Valiant (100# line). Very comfortable to fish with all day long.


Newest crew member Jake helping a passenger.


Tom Mato. Is this the tuna that won you the Accurate reel?


Alan with a typical wahoo that we all caught a lot of.


Testing out the new Accurate 500 TERN star drag reel on a Accurate Valiant medium stiffness 8 ft rod.


I stressed the new TERN 500 pretty hard (60# mono) and it held up fine. No problems.


Here is what I caught with the new 500 TERN and Valiant rod.  A nice size wahoo.  Fun, fun, fun. Don’t stop turning the handle.


Darren must of really let his wahoo jig sink with this catch.


Russ on a good one. This Accurate loaner reel went into the ocean on a back-up. Unfortunately the spectra failed because Russ pulled really hard.


Congrats on this 180# tuna. Welcome to the Accurate trip. John is a regular on the Calstar 14-day trip.


Darren pulling on a 100# tuna with 800N Valiant and a 775 3XH Calstar.


Kam hooked a shark with his expensive trolling lure.


Kam pulling the sharks mouth off to get back his expensive lure. (the shark was saying ouch)


Kam got his lure back and the shark got to keep his mouth. (I think Kam called the shark the “b” word)


John, Welcome back to the trip.


Jake coaching John on his kite fish.


And here is John’s kite fish being help up by Jake and Rocco. John is holding up the most important part (the Accurate 50W and Calstar rail rod).


Kambiz looks like he is happy with his kite fish. Nice ocean in the background.


We missed you last year Sr.


My 800N Valiant is very comfortable new technology 100# reel.
Mato and Salas are good friends but…………………


…..what the heck is this?   (bumping with fish-on)


Paul putting the wood to a tuna.


Paul wins, tuna looses.


Rocco encouraging Gary G.


There is that new 100# outfit. You do have to stand on the breaks with some authority because there is only 450 yds of spectra. Darren was using a full width 800 and he had over 150 yds more 100# spectra.


Smile Mato.


Smile Jr.


Nice shirt Justin.


Darren, How did you like your new 800 Valiant?


Get um Alan. Nice fishing with you. Welcome to the Accurate trip.


Matt Salas grinding away on a tuna. Nice visor.


Looks like a round of beers.


Tim was showing us a cool trick. Pulling a cork out of the bottom of a wine bottle. I don’t know what he is doing right here. Looks awfully suspicious.


Once Tm got the cork on top of the plastic bag, he pulled the cork out of the bottle.


The final 6 of the 31 tournament. Justin, Sr, Bob, Gary G, Alan and Dennis.


The 31 winners. Dennis (1st), Gary G. (2nd) and Bob (3rd) and commissioner Tom Mato.


Winner Dennis and Commissioner Tom with the custom t-shirt winners trophy.


The final 6 with the winners of the 31 contest. Justin was driving the boat so Ray stepped in for him.


Since the crew can not beat the passengers in the 31 contest, we held a crew only contest. (closckwise) Josh, Rocco, Nick, Jake and Justin.


Jake 31ing the boys.


Crew 31 contest winners. Jake (1st), Rocco (2nd) and Justin (3rd).
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