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2022 November Red Rooster III 12-day Accurate Trip

2022 November Red Rooster III 12-day Accurate Trip

Captain Andy Cates skippered the Accurate sponsored 12-day trip.  This trip was comprised of half of the  passengers returning from last year and half the passengers that were new to this trip.  At the end of the trip we were all good friends and looking forward to doing it again next year.  Great group of guys.

We started out at “the rocks”.  The water was too cold so off to”the ridge” (both 13 and 23) we went.  Wahoo, yellowtail and tuna up to 46#.  Charlie landed a 54# wahoo.  Then the lower banks (Potato) with some kelp patty dorado somewhere inbetween.  We tried for giant tuna with mackerel but were only able to hook marlins.  It was fun pulling on the marlins since you can pull as hard as you can.  A good way to gain experience for pulling on big fish.

Every day there was a prize for the biggest fish of the day and a Jack Nilsen Memorial trophy for the largest fish of the trip.  There are photos of each days winner and what they won.  Check out the photos of the passengers having fun.


Gary Teraoka

P.S.  A special thanks to the following supporting sponsors:  Accurate Reels, Calstar Rods, Izorline spectra/mono/fluorocarbon, Salas Lures, Tac Glue and Sportsman’s Seafood Fish Processing.  This trip runs every year and includes a fly-back option from Cabo San Lucas.  If you are interested in joining us in 2023, give Maria a call at the Red Rooster 3 office.


Every Tackle Box with a Accurate Sticker


Steve Kisel won Izorline spectra and fluorocarbon with a 25# yellowtail for 1st Daily Prize.


Charlie Martinez landed the biggest wahoo 54.2#.


Charlie won the 2nd daily prize, Calstar Graphiter blank, for his large wahoo.


Charlie also won the Jack Nilsen Memorial Trophy for the giant wahoo.


Andre won the 3rd daily prize, Accurate 2-speed Valiant, for a good size Grouper


Brian Deyoung won the daily prize for day 4, custom trip water bottle, for a 36# wahoo.


Dan celebrating with Larry Kelley. Daniel Franzen won the 5th daily prize, black Accurate Piranha pliers for a 46.2# yft.


Peter Corselli won the daily prize on day 6, Calstar Graphiter blank, for a 32# yft.


John Lind won the final daily prize (#7), Accurate Valiant 2-speed reel, for hooking and landing the most marlins for the day.


Dirty Dan with a really nice wahoo. Just not as big as Charlies.


Tom Keeler caught this wahoo being gaffed by Jason.


John Pivovaroff showing off his nice wahoo.


Johathon Pivovaroff trying to ignore my camera.


I finally got Jonathan to face the camera.


Dan Pivovaroff is Jonathan’s uncle and John’s brother.


I finally got Dan to face the camera, but he didnt have much choice since he was bit and had to follow his fish.


Greg Schultz checking out what is going on.


Dirty Dan


Accurate Boss 400 reel, with Pete on a fish in the background.


Pete Aivadjin showing me he is bit.


Richard Moses with a bent rod and the famous 400 Boss reel.


Nate Evans is bit.


Chris Klute is also bit.


Justin Medeiros at the rail. Thanks for bringing the Starlink Internet system.


Tim Belosic is bit.


Moses about to land his fish.


Tom Hook pulling on a fish.


John Lind is a fishing machine. I guess that is why his son Jason is a crew member on the Rooster.


Jonathon concentrating.


Tim, watch the rod tip instead of my camera.


Chris smiling, must be good.


Steve, turn the handle and quite looking at the camera.








Charlie reeling on something. Mikey watching on.


Charlie’s nice dodo, gaffed by Justin.


New friends, Greg, Dan, John




Karl and Jonathan


Thumbs up Dan and Moses


Tom, Dan and Moses


Freddie Keasling is bit.


Jason with father John behind him.


John Pivovaroff hooked and released the 2nd most marlin and gave John Lind a run for his money (or the Accurate reel)






Chef Mikey with Andrew ready with the gaff.




Sashimi snack (after it was half eaten).


Kevin with a 600wide Valiant


Mark Hodek holding on to a big marlin.


Having fun Nate?


Nate with my 600W Valiant (200# topshot)


Karl Khoe on the kite.


Father and Son (John and Jason)


Father John.


Son Jason
Pete, Justin with the kite rig, Dan and Peter (I think)


Chris on the kite.


John on the kite.


Tom on the kite.


Justin hooked something big that took a lot of line.


Andy says it looks like it is big.
Jason (on the rail cap) making a move that you will see why in a couple photos. Keep watching.
Justin, be careful, don’t knock over the Coors.


Skiff going in. Justin hook a big one and was about to get spooled so Kevin is dropping a skiff into the water.


Steve, then Charlie, then the skiff.


Skiff in the water.


Justin in the fighting seat with Kevin and Andrew operating the skiff.


Everyone coming back, it was a tail wrapped marlin that took a lot of line.


John on a big marlin.


Well, the sun is setting and Andy just called the trip so we are headed toward Cabo to drop off the fly back passengers.


We are at Cabo, you can tell by the famous hole in the rock.


Water taxi from the Rooster to the dock at Cabo.


I hope they don’t sink on the way to the docks at Cabo. Too many big ones in the bow.


The Daily Prize Sheet

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