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2020 January, Accurate 14-day American Angler Trip

2020 January, Accurate 14-day American Angler Trip

We had another successful Accurate sponsored 14-day trip on the American Angler.  We spent 6.5 days fishing for big tuna and wahoo.   We landed around 200 tuna and 100 good size wahoo.  The largest tuna was a kite fish (133#).  We had our usual 31 card tournament (just another excuse to give away prizes) as well as the crew 31 contest.  Ray Lopez and crew did a great job and I hope everyone can return next year to have more fun.

I would like to thank the following companies for their support of our trip.  Accurate reels, Calstar rods, Izorline, Salas Lures, Tac Glue, Angler’s Distributing (MegaBait), Island Tackle, Sportsman’s Seafood fish processing.

I will let the following photos from the trip tell the trip story.


Gary Teraoka

Boat Jackpot Winners: 1st Joe Koep 118# yft, 2nd Darren Hiraoka 99# yft, 3rd Chris Burbach 94# yft


Tom Mato won a Calstar rail rod for the first daily prize


Russ Hanano won Izorline spectra, XXX mono and reel strap for the 2nd daily prize


Randal Mosteller won Accurate pliers/sheath/lanyard for the 3rd daily prize. Alan and Dan were close but no cigar so I gave them Accurate shirts.


Matt Salas won the 3-day prize of a 300Valiant and corresponding 80ML rod. Joe won the black sweatshirt and Randy won the long sleeve shirt as runner up prizes


I was showing what a cool 30# outfit Matt won. Check out the bend and the whole outfit is very light.


Matt’s 133# yft was the largest fish for the trip and earned him the Accurate trophy


Minnesota Joe fought a really tough yft


Joe successfully battled a really tough yft


It was the boat jackpot winning 118# tuna


Here is Matt Salas working on his big kite fish. How did you like my new ATD-50W kite reel with special high speed gears and the 775 4XH Calstar rail rod?


I guess the fish caused Matt to build up some heat, note he removed his sweatshirt


Success !
Capt. Ray manning the kite with shade umbrella and welding goggles to cut out the glare


Randy and Kambiz showing two different rail techniques.


Closer look at Randy (I hope you have tough knees)


Kambiz with the big man stance.


Jeff working on his personal best tuna. Coach Kurt providing support.


Almost there, Jeff


What do you have Randal?


Looks like one of the better tunas


Matt Salas brought a new color 6X lure (Red Candy). Looks like it works pretty good.


Kambiz was successful with a red candy 6x


Dan with a nice wahoo but he has too many arms


Those were Brad arms
So, was Randal hiding behind Brad? What was he doing back there?
Third place jackpot Chris
Mike had a tough trip due to medical problem, but he had lots of fish to process due to many considerate passengers.
Crew showing off (Kurt and Brad)
Kurt playing with my 600 Valiant
Bill with the boat’s “bowling ball kite reel”
Darrell’s got one on
Tom Mato with one on the rail
Bryce with a good one.
Glenn with a good one on the “bowling ball”
My 100# topshot 600 Valiant
The Calstar 780 4XH being bent under some heavy pressure from the 600 Valiant
Chris with coach Kurt
Alan with newest and smallest and youngest AA crewmember Patrick
Kambiz having a good time
Bob having a good time
Mato having a good time
Bob smiling at the tuna
Bryce on the rail. How is the shorter insertion length working out on your connection?
Alan with a nice one.
Russ is having fun
Matt with the “bowling ball”
Randy on the rail
Patrick with a tuna that is probably bigger than himself
Darrell with Patrick giving him a hand
Minnesota Joe hooked up again.
Jake helping me hold up a nice tuna.
Kurt saying that he did a good job chumming up the tuna
Darren might be in pain and Patrick smiling.
Matt holding up one of the casualties. The sharks allowed us to land most of our catch
Jeff with Jake holding up his wahoo.
Randy and Bill with successful outcomes
This tuna brought big Dan to his knees.
The finalist for the 31 card tournament (clockwise; Josh, Jake, Russ, Tom, Kam and Bryce)
31 Tournament Winners (1st Tom Mato, 2nd Kambiz Moradi, 3rd Jake)
Crew 31 Tourmament (clockwise’\; Josh, Peter, Kurt, Jake, Brad, Patrick)
Crew Tournament Winners (1st Kurt, 2nd Jake, 3rd I don’t rember)
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