2019 Sep 20-26 Calstar 6-Day Red Rooster III Trip

2019 Sep 20-26 Calstar 6-Day Red Rooster III Trip

We primarily fished Guadalupe Island on this 6-day trip.  It was a very good trip with 4 days of fishing at the island for 40# to 100# yellowfin tuna.  There were some loses to the great white sharks but overall we were able to get a majority of the hooked tuna onto the boat.  This was a very friendly group of fishermen and we all learned the value of selecting a lively bait and being able to cast this bait away from the boat (key to getting bit).

Thank you to Capt. Andy Cates and his Red Rooster III crew for a great trip and taking us to where the fish were biting.  Thank you to Danielle and Shane for great food preparation the entire trip.

Thank you to Calstar for sponsoring this trip along with Accurate reels, Izorline sepctra/fluorocarbon/mono, Salas lures, Island Tackle, Tac Glue and Sportsman Seafood fish processing.

The following photos will tell the real trip story far better than any words that I can come up with.  This is an annual trip, so contact Maria in the Red Rooster III office if you want to be in the photos next year.

Thank you,

Gary Teraoka


Several Accurate Valiants on Calstar rods, ready for Guadalupe action


Bill from New York won the first daily prize of a Calstar rod. I think this was his 4th year in a row of being on this trip with his son John


Matt won the 2nd daily prize of a Calstar cork grip rod.


Jim won the 3rd daily prize of a Calstar heavy blank.
Bob Schroeder landed a 101# yellowfin tuna for the largest fish of the trip.


The 4th daily prize was sponsored by Accurate. Bob won the Accurate pliers/sheath/lanyard for his 101# yft. Honorable mention went to Rawland (left) and Jimmy (center).


Bob also earned the Calstar jackpot trophy (presented by Captain Andy Cates)


Mark won the 5th daily prize, Izorline spectra and XXX mono.


This is a photo of the jackpot contenders. First place went to tag #11 Bob Schroeder (101# yft), 2nd place to tag #27 Jim Henderson (93.8# yft), 3rd place to tag #7 Rawland Swift (90# yft).


Peter is checking out a Accurate Valiant 600N on a Calstar 775H rod


John is putting a bend on a 8 ft Calstar rod (he is hoping that the photo makes it into a Calstar add)


Bruce pulling on a Guadalupe yft with Bob and Scott in the background


Richard (Rico) fighting a yft. Hurry, a shark is looking at your tuna


The shark got this one, but Richard kept at it.


After the shark got his first tuna, Rico kept at it and landed this nice tuna.


Matt was fishing with his father Chris.


And here is father Chris


Scott got a nice tuna


Danielle (and helper Shane) did a great job feeding us, but here she is pulling on a tuna. You go girl.


Jackpot Bob using one of the Accurate/Calstar demo outfits


A long cast and lively bait was key to getting bit. Capt. Andy making a cast for Keith.


Here you go Keith, there is something putting a bend in the rod. Notice Russel with a bent rod next to Andy.


Here is what was bending Russel’s rod in the previous photo


Hi Mark


John “putting the wood” to a tuna.


This is me with a tuna on a Accurate 400 Valiant and a Calstar 800H rod


Bob came all the way from the UK to fish with his brother George (a regular on this trip)


Mike putting the hurt to a tuna with a Accurate 500 Valiant, 50# XXX mono and a Calstar 800H rod. That was the optimum combination for this trip.


Thomas, what do you have there?


Now we know it was a nice tuna.


Jeremy is bent. Hope you had a great time on your first trip with us.


Looks like Gabe is on a good one.


Russel with a Newel reel.


Hey Joe, what do you got there?


Joe’s answer, a good tuna.


David putting his Accurate Fury to work on a tuna, with crew member Jason “giving a hand”


Rawland working on a tuna


………and here is Rawland’s tuna.


Matt got a huge 45# class yellowtail


Bob from the UK is on a tuna


Regular passenger John is bit again
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