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The Original Boss Xtreme reels have been the staple product of our reel line since the beginning. The original Accurate owners purchased the 197, 270, 870, and 665 which were the first wave of TwinDrag® reels sold and many of those reels are still putting fish on the deck. As innovation continued, the Nilsen twins have taken the Boss Series to a new level of engineering with new materials and designs that are lighter, more powerful, and with new cosmetics that make them stand out on the shelf. These reels have been copied but never duplicated and stand as the first TwinDrag® reel ever offered.  These reels are the definition of Small Reels Big Fish.   For more information on the Original Boss Xtreme please select either the single-speed or 2-speed option below.

Boss Xtreme reels are available for purchase but may not currently be in stock which could result in a 2-3 week lead time.  For any questions please don’t hesitate to call with your order number.