2021 November Accurate 12-day Trip on the Red Rooster 3

2021 November Accurate 12-day Trip on the Red Rooster 3

Here is the trip report for the November 11-23, 2021 Accurate sponsored 12-day trip on the Red Rooster.  In the past, this trip was run by Jack Nilsen, but with his passing (December 2020), Accurate Pro-Staff Leo Reihsen and myself (Gary Teraoka) ran the trip for Jack.  I am sure that Jack and his side kick Del Marsh were looking over us from above so I hope we did a good job.  We had a very good trip and caught a lot of fish.

Andy Cates and crew (Kevin, Jason, Andrew, Justin, Fernando) took us the Aliso Rocks, the Ridge and the lower banks (Potato Bank).  At first, we were a little disappointed that the water temperature around Guadalupe Island got too cold and the 100# class yft left, but Andy made the right moves and we caught over 100 whaoo (30-50#) at Alios Rocks, next we caught plenty of 20-50# yft at the Ridge, then fished a kelp paddy for really nice size dorados, and the last 3 days fished for trophy yft at the Potato Bank.   We ended up with 8 cows with one a super cow.

I will let the photos below tell the story to you.

I would like to thank the following sponsors that supported this trip:  Accurate Fishing Products, Calstar rods, Izorline Spectra/Fluoro/Mono, Island Tackle Carson, CA, Salas Lures, Tac Glue and Sportsman Seafood Processing (Mario’s).   This Accurate sponsored trip will be on the schedule for next year, so if you want to meet some really neat guys, fish with the latest Accurate reels & Calstar rods and find out what crazy new stuff I am up to, come join us in Nov 2022.  Call Maria at the Red Rooster office.

Thank you,

Gary Teraoka


Jack Nilsen’s favorite 2 items on the boat
A brass disc remembering Jack Nilsen and Del Marsh in the upstairs rail, marking their favorite hangout on the boat.
Jack and Del, we hope you enjoyed the trip, we missed you.
The Accurate loaner reels drying out on the travel days back to San Diego
This is why we do this trips. Friends enjoying each others company.
Dr. Death (Robert Zane) with a nice 230* yft
Robert won the daily prize of a Accurate 2-speed BV2-300 reel. Tom Allen really wants one, can’t you tell?


Freddie Keasling landed this huge 256# yft.
Kevin is helping Freddie hold up his huge tuna
Richard Moses landed a 232# yft.
Moses won a daily prize of a Accurate Piranha Plier/sheath/lanyard
Dave Brilhante railing on something big
Good job Dave.
Matt Bruce’s big tuna coming on board through the gate.
Matt’s tuna weighed 262#
Andrew and Kevin helping Matt hold up his cow.
Matt won a daily prize of a Calstar graphiter blank
Dirty Dan (Daniel Franzen) hooked a big one on a 800 Valiant. He used 3 backup outfits to land the big tuna.
Coming through the gate is a 286# yft
Dan, and Andrew, BV2-800, 286# yft
Peter Corselli with the big fish of the trip. 320# super cow.
Peter won the daily prize of a BV2-600N reel.
The 320# super cow also won Peter the Jack Nilsen Jackpot trophy.
Machete (Miles Yamaguchi) landed this 234# yft. Sorry for the blurry photo.
Loreto Joe waiting for a kite bite.
And Joe got a bite from a 208# yft.
Leo Reihsen with a nice Ridge yft.
Moses got one just like Leo’s
Charlie Martinez with a nice dorado
Larry Kelley happy with a big dorado
Phil Lisi with a nice tuna
Charlie with the first tuna over 100#
Charlie again, with a nice wahoo at the rocks.
Leo Shum with a nice wahoo
Matt with a nice wahoo
Peter”s wahoo gets a lift onto the RR3 by Jason
Phil, how big was this wahoo? It looks a little bigger than the other ones.
I caught a few wahoo with a experimental Accurate jig reel
Lisi getting some help from Andrew
Dan got a 50# wahoo at the rocks.
Dan’s wahoo was the big fish for the day and won the daily prize courtesy of Izorline (spectra and fluorocarbon)
Check out the eye on Joe’s wahoo
Dr. Death’s wahoo
Tom Allen with a really nice wahoo
Leo Shum with a nice wahoo
My Salas lure advertisement. Full size 6x, no wire and heavy drag (that is what Matt Salas told me to do. I think he as sold a lot of jigs with that recommendation)
Peter with a 50# wahoo
Dan and Joe with wahoos
John Keeler with a nice wahoo.
John’s 46# wahoo won him a daily prize of a Calstar graphiter blank
Moses with a nice wahoo
Dan with another big wahoo
Nice wahoo Tom Allen
I am pulling on big tuna with a 600 Valiant with the drag set pretty tight. The line broke around the eye of the hook. “Bummer dude”.
Jason helping me get around the anchor rope.
Jason still helping me around the anchor rope. I think he is having too much fun going around the anchor rope.
Now Jason is sitting down on the job. This fish was really heavy and hard to move upward.  The 100# line broke, but I did not get spooled.
End of the day and end of the trip
Big fish white board
Daily prize and winners. Dr. Death won day-6
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