2019 June, Calstar 5-day Trip, American Angler

2019 June, Calstar 5-day Trip, American Angler

The 2019 5-day Calstar sponsored trip targeted bluefin and yellowtail.  Captain Ray Lopez put us on a lot of huge schools of BFT but most of the time they did not want to bite but boy did they fill up the sonar screen.   We saw lots of breezers and bird schools but the BFT would scatter when we tried to sneak up on them.  (The BFT were acting like “street racers” when the “cops” showed up). 

We took a quick break from the BFT and went yellowtail fishing.  After landing some nice 20# class yellowtail we went back to the BFT and we also caught yellowfin tuna. This was the first time I fished with this group and I wanted to thank them as they were a very nice group of fishermen.  Many knew each other and were friends before the trip and the rest of us became friends during the trip.

Thank you to Calstar for sponsoring this trip and providing 15 loaner rods, thank you to Accurate for providing the demo reels that were matched to the approporate Calstar rods and thank you to Izorline for providing the spectra on the Accurate reels.  Also thank you to Salas Lures, Island Tackle, TacGlue and Sportsman Seafood Fish Processing for supporting this trip.  Thank you to Lori, Capt. Ray and the American Angler crew for a great trip. My trip report is best described by the the photos from the trip.  You can get your photo included next year by contacting Lori at the American Angler Sportfishing office to sign up for next years trip. 

Thank you 
Gary Teraoka


Congratulations JP winners: 1st Steve Brunton 87.5# BFT, 2nd John Cheek 87# BFT, 3rd David Gonzalez 85.5# BFT


Congratulations to Steve Brunton for winning a Calstar GFGR 780XH rod for the first daily prize. Steve also won the Calstar trophy for the largest fish of the trip.


Congratulations to Bailey Collier for winning the 2nd daily prize, a Calstar GFGR 800XLH.


Congratulations to Tom Szczeblowski for winning the 3rd daily prize, a Calstar blank


Congratulations for PJ Rovinelli for winning the 4th daily prize, a Accurate plier/sheath/lanyard.


At the end of the trip, I had a final raffle where John Haskin and Ralpf Moreno won Calstar sweatshirts, Richard Hunter won a Calstar hat and Jeff Jones won an Accurate hat.


George hooked up


Here is what was bending George’s pole in the previous photo.


Glen looks like he is really concentrating, don’t forget to breath.


Greg hooked up with one of the Calstar loaner rods.


Camaraderie on the trip between crew (Brad) and passenger (Don)


Jeff is hooked up.


Anthony was casting a jig the whole trip.


JP working on the bluefin that won him the daily prize.


Bailey working on the bluefin that won him the 2nd daily prize


Maurice, we met before on a Accurate trip. Nice fishing with you again. Maurice was one of the hot sticks, he was always bit.


Toki, what do you have there?


Oh, a big yellowtail. Good job.


John brought his own Calstar rod and put it to good use.
….and look what he caught with his own Calstar rod.


Riley focusing on landing a bluefin while Bradly is trying to bother him


Tom is bit, must be that daily prize winning fish


Rocco with one of those long casts into the school of bluefin


Dennis with something good, as Rocco coaches him.


….and here is the something good. A big bluefin. Congratulation Dennis. It pays to listen to Rocco
David being coached by Rocco. This looks like the 3rd place JP fish near the end of the fight.


We saw a whale up close. It looked like it was hurt. I hope it is alright.


Tom with a nice bluefin that won him a daily prize



Dennis checking out one of the Calstar/Accurate/Izorline demo outfits


Close up of the Accurate 300 TERN star drag reel with a Calstar GFGR 800XLH and Izor spectra with 30# XXX topshot


BV2-400 Accurate Valiant with Izor 40# XXX


Calstar 800MH rod


Results in 45# bluefin. I also landed a 83# BFT with the same outfit.
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