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Lever Drag Slow Pitch Jigging Handle Assembly

Lever Drag Slow Pitch Jigging Handle Assembly

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You asked for it and here it is. The Handle assembly of our popular Valiant SPJ fishing reel. Convert any Dauntless, Valiant, Fury, or BX model into a slow pitch fishing machine.  Available with arm sizes 3.5" 3.8" and 4.3". 

All reels come with a silver arm, colored handles are available by selecting the "Knob Color" option.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
SPJ handle knob

Upgraded 5 of my bv2 with the SPJ handle, it help reeling in more comfortable fighting big fish.

Ricardo Ferdinand
Awesome Handle

The slow pitch jigging handle is very comfortable and light weight.

Ryan Anderson
SPJ for the win

Went with a 600NL because Shimano doesn’t offer anything in left handed. Added the SPJ handle and have got a brute of a reel. Battle tested 1st trip out and I’m a huge fan. Love the feel of the handle and power of the reel.

Gene Lopatukhin
Worth every penny! Great jigging handle

Great handle for Valiant 300. Worth every penny.

William Kraft
Comfortable Handle

I replaced the standard round knob handle on my Valiant 500N with the longer slow pitch "T" handle after jigging 8 hours and ending up witn a blister and lacking some leverage turning handle on a large YFT tuna. The new T handle was so much more comfortable, much bettef leverage and no more blisters.

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