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Accurate Fishing

Lug Blanks

Lug Blanks

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Replacement lug blanks for Valiant, Boss Xtreme and ATD reels.  One lug blank per order.

Fits (Select your option):
- 6, 12, 30, 50
Valiant - 800, 1000
Boss Xtreme - 30, 50

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Replacement lug blanks for Accurate reels. Please read description for fitment information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Made Valiant 800 easy to palm!

So easy to install & made the reel look cool. No Drilling needed. Plug & play installation!

Fast shipping & delivery with up to date tracking updates.

Highly recommended addition!

patrick Bryan
Replacing lugs with blanks

I replaced the lugs with blanks on my Boss B2 30 because I had a problem with line hanging up on them occasionally and didn’t need them.
I have not used the reel since but I expect it to be much better.

Curtis Saito
Lug Blanks

Awesome addition to my BV-800. If you’re not utilizing your reel to troll these blanks are a game changer. Enables you get have more control over the reel and the ability to palm the reel.

Fred Busterna
Lug Blanks BV2 800 & Boss Extreme 30N

Nice option to replace the lugs to flush. Qty is "1" so it is not a pair, this helps if you only want to replace the one side and leave 1 lug to hook on. Did a little Dremel chamfer of the holes to allow the screws to seat.

I apologize for that. Updating this page now to eliminate future confusion. Everything is sold per piece incase only one is needed.

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