East Cape in photo review for 2016 compliments of Mark Rayor

East Cape water temps on the Sea of Cortez are still 75 to 77 degrees. Word is that on days calm enough to get on the water game fish have been cooperating. I’ve been hearing reports of blue marlin, sailfish, dorado and wahoo.

It makes me a little grumpy to see the North wind blow and the warmth of summer fading away. As much as I complain, so far this year has been very mild compared to many past years. Confirmation of the mild climate is our warm water game fish still sticking around.

2016 will go down as a very good year. Certainly much better than our two previous years. Posted photos of a few memorable moments from this season.

Mataray Madness.

Fish at the end of the rainbow

Whale Shark encounter

A wave good bye

Swordfish Madness

Funnel in the sky waiting touchdown

Electricity in the air

Good day.

Good Morning East Cape

Feliz Navidad

Time to Swarm

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