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ATD saltwater fishing reels

The Platinum series of TwinDrag® saltwater reels are designed and created for the most rigorous offshore fishing on the planet. Engineered to deliver the strength to subdue larger gamefish with ultimate stopping power. These reels are made out of the highest-grade materials to last for a lifetime of hard fishing. Check out the ATD line of reels here.

Valiant saltwater fishing reels

The Valiant series of reels were designed with light weight, precision, and power in mind. The curved arch design of the sideplate and the frame creates a lightweight and structurally strong reel body. The Valiant is built with the same high-grade materials we are known for and feature the TwinDrag® mechanism. Check out the Valiant line of reels here.

Tern saltwater fishing reels

The Tern is Accurate’s first ever star drag reel. Star drag reels are inherently lacking in the drag department. The creators of TwinDrag set out to make a TwinStarDrag and a new innovation was born. The first ever TwinStarDrag (patent pending) is our answer to the problem. This reel features CVX to make it the lightest, strongest and most castable star drag on the market. Check out the Tern line of reels here.

Dauntless saltwater reels

The Dauntless was designed as our flagship reel of the Small Reels – Big Fish focus. Based on the already proven Boss Extreme series and designed with Accurate’s exclusive stainless steel anti-reverse bearing and two synced dogs, these reels deliver the ultimate stopping power in a small package. Check out the Dauntless line of reels here.

Boss Extreme saltwater reels

The Boss Extreme series was the original line of TwinDrag® saltwater reels and the foundation for all other TwinDrag reels to follow. This series was designed exclusively for use with braided lines. The strength of the TwinDrag reel combined with the line capacity from braid launched the Small Reels – Big Fish movement. Check out the Extreme line of reels here.

Fury saltwater fishing reels

The Fury series of saltwater fishing reels is our entry level model created at a more affordable price for those anglers looking to purchase their first Accurate product. Made of the same high-quality materials as the other series, this single drag reel is designed to meet the needs of anglers world-wide. Accurate Fury reel pricing starts at $249.95. Check out the Fury line of reels here.