We departed on the annual Accurate sponsored 18-day trip on the Royal Polaris on February 8, 2020.   With a fantastic load of sardines, Capt. Jeff DeBuys took us to the big tuna areas.  The fishing was on the tough side with a few big ones and medium size tuna.  The Wahoo fishing is very good and always exciting.  The passengers all had a great time.  I was filling in for the Jack Nilsen as the Accurate rep so most of the passengers were new acquaintances for me.  At the end of the trip we were all great friends with great memories to share with each other.  Below is my photo trip report to show your what was going on during the 10 fishing days.

I would like to thank the following supporters for this trip:

This trip will be taking place again next year.  Jack Nilsen will back and running the show.  Hope all of you will be able to join in on the fun again next year.  To sign up, just give Monica a call at the Royal Polaris office (619) 226-8030.

Thanks for checking out this blog trip report,

Gary Teraoka


Amante Buentipo is presented with a Accurate 2-speed Valiant 600 reel by Frank Lo Preste for winning the special Rollo raffle.

Rollo Raffle winner Amante showing off his new Accurate 600 Valiant (with special high speed gears) and Runner Up Steve Marshall showing off his Royal Polaris rail section.

Kathy working on a fish with Jesus looking on.

Craig Cannon pulling on a fish with Jesus watching on.

Kathy and Craig, but where did Jesus go. Zuse, where are you?


Steve using the rail (but not the piece of the old rail that he won earlier)

Robert Worthington using the rail and making sure his hat does not get sunburned.

Buddy Stevens working on a tuna with Jesus watching over things.

Jesus is trying to warn Buddy that he is going to bust his knuckles if he keeps turning the handle from that rod position on the rail.

Things must have worked out as here is Buddy’s nice tuna.

Buddy’s tuna won him the Day #1 Daily Prize of the Izorline prize package (Spectra, XXX mono, reel strap and t-shirt)


Jim Aljian siting in his office doing kite work)

Koi, you are suppose to watch the tip of your rod when you have a fish on

Koi, thank you for supplying everyone with the 2020 trip t-shirts and for arranging for the AFW/Hi-Seas fishing products for all the passengers. Special thanks to Shawn Carpenter of AFW/Hi-Seas


Frank enjoying pulling on a tuna

Trevon helping Frank get around the anchor

Dr. Peter with a nice tuna and Jesus standing by

Wahoo for Eric, Greg, myself and Buddy  but Buddy “dropped the ball”

Francois on the rail with a nice tuna.

Here is Francois’s and his nice tuna


That nice tuna won Francois the Daily Prize for day 2. An Accurate BX rod.

Francois had me take a photo of the rod he won. He wanted Jack to know that if he won a Accurate reel he would put it on the new rod.

Nice tuna Buddy

Tommy was helping us get out on the kite. Erick in the background expressing his happiness with Tommy’s kite operations.

Eddie Contreras on a tuna.

Eddie showing us his nice tuna.

That tuna won Eddie Daily Prize #3 (Accurate Reel)

Is this a sunrise or a sunset?  They look similar but this is sunrise.

Peter Heimbach with the largest fish of the trip. A 275# beast. And yes Peter is smoking a pipe in the photo and that is Mike’s hand on the red camera.

Peter’s big tuna won the Daily Prize for day 4. Accurate pliers/sheath/lanyard.

Brandon Stevens prying on a tuna. Father Buddy watching on in the background.

Father and son tunas.

Brandon’s tuna won the Daily Prize for Day#5. Calstar 780 XXXH rail rod.


Dave and Doug produced a fantastic “sushi buffet”. This is a photo after we devoured all the great food.

Craig pulling on a tuna.

Amante pausing for a photo.


Jim on a big tuna

Jim still on the big tuna

Jim’s cow tuna (209#)

Jim’s cow won the Day#6 Daily Prize (Accurate Reel) and Peter won Day #7 Daily Prize (Accurate Pliers/Sheath/Lanyard)